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Kiesha Michelle

So what’s my story?

Well, to be honest, I can’t see I have a story to tell but to start off I am female, I am a mother to two, I am an almost graduate, I am a traveler (or nowadays it’s I ‘was’ a traveler”, I am a part-time “extra/model/actress” and I live in Norway.


I grew up in Norway from the age of 3 years old to 26. At 26 I moved to New York with my daughter.

I lived in New York for about 12-13 years…...and don’t ask me what I did there….!

In New York…I had one semester left when I had an ischemic stroke with a minor hemorrhagic stroke (what the doctor said). After the stroke, I moved back to Norway. However, while I lived in the states I was introduced to working online and since then I have alwaysbeen fascinated by making a living online, for its possibilities and flexibility.

Fast forward

I have been online for quite some time but never excelled never had the stayer ability due to“shiny object syndrome” X 10 never realizing my unfocused, restless behavior was due to me having ADHD…

I would actually just forget about programs I signed up to… until I wouldremember suddenly one day…and so the days went on until September 10. 2010 when I had my stroke.

Diagnosed With ADHD

I don’t know if you know anything about ADHD but first of all ADHD usually never comes alone, so to add to that I have also been diagnosed with Dysthymia (a form of long-term depression).

Anyway, I NEVER show it to ANYONE (I hope). Just so that is said!

After my diagnosis, I sort of had an “Aha” moment that explained my unfocused behavior,spontaneity, my forgetfulness, my difficulties in school, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Since I was diagnosed I have read a lot about ADHD but still don’t really get it all.

So I have decided that people just have to take me the way they see me, so if you like me or not it is solely your decision and I DO NOT take it to heart (or at least I try not to).

Shiny Object Syndrome

So even after realizing why I had the “shiny object syndrome X10” it still took me time to slow down and focus on a much smaller scale so in 2019 I decided to do everything in my power to keep my focus on a few programs, which I fell out of...of course.

I have taken countless online coursed, through Udemy, Shaw Academy, and other privately sold courses.

Doing that for years I have developed analysis paralysis.

I have felt overwhelmed. Not to mention all the different social media platforms that pop up and yes, I have an account on all of them…*geek*…but….

I have an account wherever there is possible to have an account…I feel…hahaha

A Really Short Story

So This is a really short “About Me” story for now. It will be changed as I feel like writing more down.

However, I figured I should at least write down a conceded version about me 🤷‍♀️😏😬🥱

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