3 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Lead To Sale Conversions…

Apr 23, 2023

One of the biggest problems I see many other people face is that many people know how to convert traffic into leads, but they don’t necessarily know how to convert leads into sales (customers).

The truth is (I was told and experienced myself) that if you don’t know how to convert leads into sales, you’ll get nowhere with your business, and will continually spin your wheels and fail to make progress.

Converting leads into sales comes down to 3 primary things…

1. Having a spot-on message to market match

2. Having a deep sales funnel that creates maximum revenue per new customer

3. Being good at follow-up.

Having a congruent message to market will mean the max percentage of people who come through your funnel will purchase on the first point of contact (the first time they see your offer, however, I am not there yet). When your product or service solves the exact problems that your target market is experiencing, the levels of resistance to buying will be drastically reduced.

Having a deep sales funnel will allow you to create max revenue per customer. Remember, a buyer is a buyer is a buyer, meaning that once you get someone to buy the first time, they’ll be much more likely to buy a second, third, fourth, and fifth time. It’s much easier to create more revenue from existing customers than it is to create additional revenue from new customers.

Being good at follow-up means that you know how to efficiently put your offer back in front of the eyes of your prospects over and over again, while not coming off as sleazy or salesy. You do this by using stories in your e-mail marketing, and by providing value-based blog posts to your audience. Include a link to your offer at the bottom of your story-based e-mails, and include a banner that goes to your offer on the sidebar of your blog. People will click them and eventually buy.

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